Rosanna "Rosie" Bella Victoria Munter is a Swedish recording artist and singer-songwriter. She is one of the original members of Play, and was a part of the group from their creation in 2001 until their disbandment in 2005.


Early CareerEdit

In 2001 Rosanna stared in the Swedish movie Eva & Adam: Four Birthdays and a Fiasco. The movie, based on a popular Swedish TV show, is about a teen couple "who have been together forever" and what happened when they decided to go their separate ways. Rosie plays Petra, Adams love interest.

Time in PlayEdit

Laila Bagge selected Rosie to be in Play after a nationwide talent search in 2001.

Solo CareerEdit

After Play's disbandment in 2005, Rosanna moved back to Sweden and attended music college. She also started to write and record her own music. She has worked with the Swedish artist Kocky and performed with the Swedish band Black Feathers. After working with different producers for several years, she was signed to Pop Justice Hi-Fi and released her first single, Waterfall, in 2010.

She is signed to Model Management Group and has walked runway in several fashion shows.

In 2013 Rosanna joined forces with Charles Cave to create the band K.I.D.S. They debuted at South by Southwest in March 2013, their first ever live performances. Several of their demos can be found online, but the duo has yet to officially release any music.

Play's ReunionEdit

Originally Rosanna was a part of Play's 2009 reunion. However a few weeks before recording for Made in Sweden started, she dropped out to focus on her solo material, and Sanne Karlsson took her place.


  • Before Play, Rosanna had a lead role in the Swedish movie Eva & Adam: Four Birthdays and a Fiasco.
  • She's part of a party DJ collective (made up of Rosanna and 3 of her friends) in Stockholm, called XOXO.
  • Her mom was part of a duo called Bella and Me. She also performs with a band that is simply called Bellas.
  • She decided that being a popstar and/or musician was the life for her when she was eight years old and veteran standup comic Liam Gallagher dedicated a performance of ‘Wonderwall’ to her.
  • Rosanna enjoys cooking and cycling.



  • Waterfall (2010)


  • Eva & Adam: Four Birthdays and a Fiasco (2001)