Anaïs Helena Kretz Bonnier, née Lameche, is an original member of the Swedish pop group Play. She is the only member to appear in all four line-ups of the group.


Early LifeEdit

Anaïs first started singing when she was very little and comes from a musical family, her older sister being a singer and songwriter as well. For fun, at the age of 8, she began taking dancing and singing lessons.

Time in PlayEdit

Laila Bagge found Anaïs while teaching at Sway and asked her to be in the group. Play released their first single in 2001 and their debut album the following year. They spent most of 2002 touring the United States with artists like Aaron Carter and A*Teens. In 2003 Play released their sophomore album, followed by more tours and appearances. in 2005, Play announced they would be taking an indefinite break.

Play's ReunionEdit

In 2009, Anaïs and Fanny Hamlin, along with Laila, wanted to do a Play reunion. After finding a third member, Sanne Karlsson, Play was featured on the second season of Made in Sweden. Play's new single, "Famous," reached #1 in the Swedish charts.

Solo CareerEdit

Anaïs is the only member of the group that has not released any musical solo material. She has mainly focused on fashion, and modeled for a brief time in 2005.

Personal LifeEdit

Anaïs was born in the French Alps, France, but her family moved to Sweden when she was still a toddler. She comes from a large family; she has five siblings, her older sister Amanda, and younger half-siblings David, Nina, Anabelle, and Eliza.

Anaïs enjoys fashion, which led her to pursue art history at Lund Universtiy and then an undergraduate program in Fashion Studies at Stockholm University.

In 2011, Anaïs began work as a PR consultant at Assefa Kommunikations, a company that planned events and projects. In early 2014, Anaïs left Assefa Kommunikations and started work as a senior PR consultant at modinåkerlind, a unique PR and communications agency focusing on fashion, arts, lifestyle and charitable work.

Anaïs married her long time boyfriend Niklas Bonnier in 2015 and they are currently expecting their first child.


  • Her sister, Amanda, released a solo album in 2001 titled Everybody Doesn't.
  • During the filming of Whole Again, she had to stand on a box because, even though she was the oldest, she was shortest!
  • She would love to create her own fashion collection someday.
  • She is half French, and her father lives just outside of Paris.
  • She had braces early on in Play, around when she was 12.
  • She is half black, maternal.